The Best Body-weight Fat Burning Exercise to Get Tone Up

Categories: Exercise | Posted on Feb 11, 2019

The Best Bodyweight Fat Burning Exercise to Get Tone Up

When it comes to toning up the more efficient the exercise is the better results you will get. Toning up can be difficult if it’s not done properly because you can spend wasted time on unnecessary exercise. One of the most effective toning exercises are bodyweight exercise. Bodyweight exercises are an amazing way to keep fit and are a great way for a tone up fast. Bodyweight exercises are wonderful tools for developing the your physique, and perhaps best of all and they don’t cost a dime!

Probably the most simple and known bodyweight exercise is the push-up. Push-ups have many varieties but they all target the same general muscle groups: the triceps and the chest. Men love pushups because of the amazing results of the triceps. One the weakest muscles for women are the triceps so pushup are great for both. Normal grip push-ups work the chest the most while “tricep” or “diamond” push-ups – done with hands together and directly under the sternum – work the triceps more. Once you are able to crank out 10-15 or reps easily, you may wish to increase the difficulty by either filling a backpack with weights wearing it while you do pushups, or by elevating your legs in a chair or a step block.

Another great bodyweight exercise is the pullup. Pullups stimulate mainly the biceps and the lats(the upper back). Similar to pushups, pullups come in all shapes and sorts, usually distinguishable according the grip used. When your hands face towards you, it is called a chin up and utilizes the biceps more directly. When your palms face away, it is usually called a pull up and works the lats and forearms more. Something to remember on top of these differences, is that the wider the grip, the more focus is put on the lats, while the narrower it gets, more focus is put on the arms. If you are a beginner in pull-ups you can use what is called a pullup support band to help support you during your pullup sets. Starting out you may only be able to 1 or 2 and that’s ok that’s a lot starting out and you will feel it in the morning.

Hindu Squats are another well known bodyweight exercise that delivers superior results. Many hasn’t never heard of this kind of squat but they are most effective than a traditional squats. Hindu squats were used for centuries by Hindu wrestlers to strengthen their enormous and powerful legs.  Contrary to what one might think at first about the exercise, they are not bad for your knees at all, and have been in fact proven to be good for your knee health. The starting position of a squat is a standing position with your arms extended in parallel to the floor. You then start to lower your body into a squat position while lowering your arms until they are perpendicular to the floor at the same time. The squat position of a Hindu squat is not the same as a traditional squat position because you should be on your toes and your knees should be pointing forward, as opposed to being on your heels with your shins perpendicular to the floor. This exercise creates powerful legs that strength the hamstrings and gluts muscles fast. I highly recommend these squats first and you can add traditional squats as extra. Try them now and let me know what you think.

Bodyweight exercises are extremely valuable to people of all levels. It is wonderful to be able to experience noticeable results without having to spend any money or leave the house at all and as always these exercises can be done at any local gym, simply your choice.

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