First of all what is taking care of our bodies, is it simply just grooming, certainly not. Taking care of our bodies is being healthy and fit. The bible tells us we were made in his image; God’s image is of course righteous but also healthy and perfect. Can you imagine what Adam and Eve looked like during the creation of the world? I’m sure they were defiantly in shape, healthy and fit. We must strive to keep that image by feeding our bodies the nutritional food God has desire for us. God expects this for us so we can do his will; he has a plan and purpose for each one of us and how can we fulfill his will if we are unhealthy.  Here I will provide you with 7 reasons why God expects us to be healthy and hopefully it will motivate you to care for yourself and to live healthy in the Lord. For the next 7 days we will focus on the following:

Day 1: Being Healthy Glorifies God

Day 2: You will have more energy

Day 3: You’re taking care of His Temple (Your Body)

Day 4: You will be better equipped for God’s purpose for your life

Day 5: To provide for your family

Day 6: To have a better quality of life

Day 7: Preventive Measure against Sickness & Diseases

Day 1: Being Healthy Glorifies God

1 Cor. 10:31 Teaches us that whatever you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do it or glorify God. Living in good health has always been a blessing in walking with the Lord. We serve a God who cares about us in a holistic way. We are connected to Him in mind, body and soul. Jesus spent the majority his ministry healing people of all kinds of physical maladies. It brings glory to our God to live a life full of vigor and isn’t it interesting to know that His healing methods were done in a spiritual way. This means that if we change our minds about how we eat our bodies will transform in ways that we never thought was possible. God wants us to shine in all areas of our lives and our health is a major factor in our service to Him and others. The Glory of His knowledge shines through us out into the world therefore demonstrating that His word reigns supreme in every aspect of life. God has graciously given us all with a body to live in and it is our God given responsibility to take care ourselves with wisdom of his Word and the strength of His Spirit. care ourselves with wisdom of his Word and the strength of His Spirit.  Therefore glorify God in your body, and in your spirit, which are God’s. 1Cor 1:20        . ………………………Stay tune for Day 2:

Day 2: You Will Have More Energy

Poor nutrition and inadequate calorie intake can cause fatigue. All foods supply calories for energy, but not all calories are equal. 1 Cor. 10:23 the Bible teaches us that all things that are lawful but not all things are expedient. The food industry offers a large range of food to choose from but we must choose the food that provides us with proper nutrients for our bodies. Certain foods provide more vitamins and minerals for the amount of energy they supply, so choose nutrient-dense foods to fuel your daily energy needs.  Our energy comes from the foods we eat and the liquids we drink. Your body needs food that’s rich in vitamins and nutrients to function at its best to do the will of God. The more energy you have the more you can spread the Gospel of Christ. Christ walked miles and miles to spread the Gospel; he had to be fit to engage into these activities daily. We all know that the more fit and healthy we are the more energy we will have.  The more energy that we have, the more we can put into the greatness God has place before us. ……………….Stay Tune for Day 3:

Day 3: You Are Taking Care of God’s Temple (Your Body)

Temple reconstruction starts from the ground up. Israel’s temple was destroyed on many occasions because of their continued disobedience to the Lord’s righteousness and their earthly glory was lost on many occasions. In like manner our temple (body) is destroyed and broken down over a process of time when we refuse or rebel against the goodness of God. Although we have the right to eat what we choose everything is not beneficial for the body. When we allow ourselves to be at our best we will become phenomenal. God has supplied all our needs so that we can live and function at an optimal level. Therefore taking care of your temple is the righteous, relevant and real thing to do leading to a glorious body.  1 Cor 6: 19 What? know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you, which ye have of God…………..stay tune for Day 4

Day 4: You Are Better Equipped for God’s Purpose for Your Life

Being healthy is essential to having energy and fulfilling the life God has called us by his grace to live in. We all need naturally healthy energy that comes from whole food. Whole food naturally produces and continues to provide positive energy without the crashing effect of the over the counter quick fix solutions or high caffeine energy drinks. Within our purpose there are many reasons that we need energy which includes our children, family and those friends who are near and dear to our hearts. Children are full of energy and to very productive and engaging in their life we must me healthy and energetic as well. Life without healthy energy is slow and lethargic. God and your family want you to be at your very best.

Day 5: To Provide For Your Family

Provisions are the items that are provided for our families to live a healthy and stable life. Therefore it is vital and with the utmost importance that we are able to work for the Lord and for our families. When you are beat down and wore out, the quality of your work will suffer and we all want to be at our best when working for the Lord or families. If married your husband or wife needs you to have energy for them. Children are naturally energetic before the world pumps them full of its deadly products and because of that they will need you to have as much energy as possible for some fun and playtime.

Day 6: To Have A Better Quality of Life

What is long life without quality? When we strive to live a life of quality everything improves. Our minds are sharper, hearts are healthier, lungs are stronger and the overall improvements are increased all over. The skin becomes clearer and the nails become stronger and your sex life becomes better. Men when your body is healthy you can perform at an optimal level without all the unnatural methods being provided today. Quality is not made by man but rather provided by God. Viagra was first my by God except He calls it mandrakes (love-plant) which is a natural aphrodisiac which promotes conception. There are many other natural aphrodisiac alternative). A healthy quality of life will be appreciate by all those you love and live for.